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    Tuesday, to 20:00

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    This meeting is open and anyone may attend.

    Zoom Meeting ID: 852 574 6134
    Password: Serenity
    On site parking

    This is a meeting for everyone, no matter where you are with your addiction recovery. During the meeting there will be a number of readings including the daily CA Reading from the book 'A Quiet Peace'. After the readings, there is the opportunity to share back on what you have heard, to ask questions or to share where you are at with your addiction or recovery.
    This is an open meeting where friends and family are welcome. The room and zoom open at 18.45 for Tee & Coffees.

    This is also a chit meeting so if you need to documentation to show your attendance this can be completed upon request.

    On arrival please look for the CA Logo and 'Meeting Here' signs to the meeting room. If you park in the rear carpark you will see we have a fire door that will lead you into the meeting room.

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  • Updated 3rd July 2023