How to save Where-to-find as PDF

As per the Legal & Disclaimers page, Cocaine Anonymous is not affiliated with and does not endorse any organisation or software mentioned on this page. This purpose of this page is to support our members in accessing a printable “Where to find” (WTF) document using commonly-utilised software.

Note: The WTF Booklet and District WTF pamphlets are created automatically from the current meeting list on this website every time you load the page. If you notice any errors for a meeting you are a member of, find the meeting on the online list here and click the “Update Meeting details” button to notify a member of WTF of the issue.

To save the WTF Booklet as a PDF, you must have access to a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile devices are not supported.

Saving to PDF has only been tested on a couple of commonly-used browsers. Instructions for those a listed below. If you have any issues please contact [email protected].

The first step is to click on the link so that you are viewing the WTF Booklet or your District’s WTF pamphlet.


1. Go to the menu and click “Print”

WTF Instructions Chrome menu

2. In the print window, click “More Settings” and then make sure “Headers and footers” is not checked.

3. In the print window, click “Change” below the listed printer.

WTF Instruction Chrome Print Window

4. Click “Save to PDF” in the print destinations dialog box.

WTF Instructions Chrome print destinations dialog

5. Click “Save” and enter a location and file name to save the PDF as.

WTF Instructions Chrome animated GIF


1. Go to the menu and click “Print”

WTF Instructions Firefox menu

2. Click “Print” at the top left of the window.

3. In the dialog box that appears, go to the “Options tab” and make sure the settings match the image below:

Firefox Print Dialog options tab

4. Go back to the “General” tab and make sure “Print to File” is selected.

WTF Instructions Firefox print dialog

3. Click the button next to “File:” (below the list of printers) and select a location for the file to be saved to.

4. Click Print.

WTF Firefox Instructions animated GIF